About Us

Hello!  Thanks for visiting our blog and please join us as we try to transition from an average family to modern day homesteaders. Our family consists of dad Mike, mom Julie and our three children, The Giraffe, The Lone Wolf and The Bear.  For the last couple of years we have been dreaming of a more active lifestyle, a sustainable organic food supply and a small homestead of our own. Things started small, we had a small vegetable garden, did some canning, made our own soaps and household products.

Now we’ve taken the plunge and bought 6 acres to start our new life on. There’s only one catch, we have no idea what we’re doing!  We’ve read pages and pages and watched hours of YouTube videos about gardening, chickens, and sustainable living.  With a family of five, three kids, two jobs, and one limited budget it’s sure to be an adventure.


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