It’s time to transplant our Onions!

So it’s already been about 4 weeks since we first planted the onion seeds and they have done great so far. It’s time to transplant them into individual containers. We are using 72 cell plastic trays for the next stage of growing and we added a solution of 1/4 teaspoon of Wegener’s organic fertilizer to 2 cups of water in the bottom of the tray.

As you can probably tell, the soil is dry since we didn’t water them that morning as we usually do. We did this deliberately as it is easier to separate the sprouts.


The first step was to  dump the container of onions out onto the table and separate each sprout. This does not take nearly as long as you’d think, with both of us at it it only took an hour or so for the entire process.


We laid out the onions and tried to separate the ones that did not have more than one root or stems since the ones with multiple roots have a better chance of growing successfully.  Once all the roots were taken out, we sprayed them lightly with water so they don’t dry up.IMG_0135

Here’s an example of an onion with healthy roots:IMG_0137

The individual cells are filled with potting mix and then slightly moistened with water. We used an empty pen casing to make holes about 1 inch deep (a pencil is recommended but we didn’t have any in the house!)

We then helped the roots into the hole with the help of the pen casing tip, making sure to not break the roots.  We buried the onion just past the white portion and packed the soil lightly around it.

IMG_0143Once we were done our trays, we trimmed back all the onions until they were about 1.5 –  2inches long.

IMG_0150One more spray of water before going back under our homemade grow lamp.



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