It’s time to transplant our Onions!

So it’s already been about 4 weeks since we first planted the onion seeds and they have done great so far. It’s time to transplant them into individual containers. We are using 72 cell plastic trays for the next stage of growing and we added a solution of 1/4 teaspoon of Wegener’s organic fertilizer to 2 cups of water in the bottom of the tray.

As you can probably tell, the soil is dry since we didn’t water them that morning as we usually do. We did this deliberately as it is easier to separate the sprouts.


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Mason Bee Homes

We want to have a honey bee hive on our homestead but it seems that it may not be possible this year because there is a shortage of bees in Ontario and Quebec. I was telling a co-worker about this and she suggested Mason Bees.  I said “What are Mason Bees?” She dug into her bag and pulled out a magazine that had a cool article explaining what mason bees are. Well as usual,  Julie and I went off on a tangent and did a whole bunch of research and we decided that our lives wouldn’t be complete until we had Mason Bee homes.

osmia_ ribifloris

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