Onion Update: We have sprouts!

Yesterday we woke up to see that several of our onion seeds have sprouted! It seems like the homemade warming mat helped a lot since the onions were “supposed” to germinate in 7-14 days according to the package, but ours germinated in only 5 days!  It was very cool to check back during the day and see more and more green poking up.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, our mould issue on top of the soil resolved itself with the help of the holes we poked on the top of our domes!


From what we’ve read, it’s time to add fertilizer. We looked everywhere in town and couldn’t find any liquid organic fertilizer.  We’re going to the Toronto area in a few days so we’ll buy some when we’re down there, but for now we decided to try bone meal. 


Ideally bone meal is added to the transplant soil, but we decided to grind the bonemeal to a fine powder by putting it in a plastic sandwich bag and then crushing it with a pin roller.  We then dissolved 3/4 TBS of bonemeal powder in 3 cups of hot water, let it cool and strained the liquid into a spray bottle.  We found articles where other gardeners had made liquid bonemeal fertilizer successfully on their seedlings and we used their ratios of bonemeal powder and water.  


We then sprayed the liquid bone meal onto the plants. So far so good…

It’s also time to expose the plants to light so our fluorescent lights are now on a 14 hour timer from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.


Since we saw the first sprouts, the amount of sprouts has at least doubled.  We’ll keep you updated on their development.


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