Our Garden Journal

We thought it would be a good idea to keep records of what we are planting and write down the outcome so we can purchase or avoid a certain seed types in the future.

We searched to see what was out there as far as a record books and we found the perfect one in the 2014 Alamanack & Garden Journal.


This journal has different templates but we decided to keep it simple and we chose the “Gardening Notes to Remember” and “2014 Planting Record” pages.  There is one planting record page included but you can print as many copies as you need. We’re keeping our record in a binder so it’ll be easy to add or remove pages or make changes.


The planting record  allows you to record your seed, germination, planting and harvest information.  There’s also a handy “Notes” section to write down important information.  

We also decided to add a blank page behind each planting record to staple our seed packet to in case we need to information on the back of the package (handy when it’s transplant time!)



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